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Wellbeing Solutions

Wellbeing Solutions from The Therapy Zone

An extra dose of TLC! This one is a treat for anyone but in particular for those suffering ailments such as headaches, regular colds, stress, tension, IBS and arthritis.

Ever thought about trying a personalised treatment based entirely on you? The Therapy Zone can tailor a single treatment or even a range of treatments to help you deal with the problem.

As an extra treat, weíll even send you away with your very own personalised plan and a blend of oil to use at home!

(Price on application)

Ever felt run down and just not operating at your optimum level? Whether itís through illness, or the demands of juggling your work, life, family balance, the stress can leave you feeling out of sorts. Ensuring you are fit and as well as can be is the first step to coping with trying times, or even avoiding them. A quick checklist on your life could count towards helping sort things out.

Reviewing your diet to ensure you have plenty fresh fruit, vegetables, wholegrains and lean protein is a good start. Cutting down on processed, sugary and salty foods are another!

Are you getting enough sleep and are there any commitments in your life that need adjusting. Do you stress easily or work too late, or are you just too laid back for your own good? Do you do enough exercise or are you doing too much?

This is just a snap shot of things to think about, giving you time to just think about you. At the Therapy Zone we have a number of treatments that aid general wellbeing and give you time out to look after yourself.

Reflexology is a great way to relax and keep the body in balance, where as an aromatherapy is a great way to unwind and heal the body. To keep you skin looking fresh and rosy try a fabulous facial, with itís neck, face neck and shoulder massage youíre bound to leave feeling good all over!

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