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Benefits of Massage for stress management

Stress is responsible for so many ailments its can be hard to pinpoint what is what. I have suffered acute stress before so I can empathise with those who canít sleep, canít think properly, and generally canít switch off. I suffered night terrors and tinnitus, which was bad enough, but it can dull the immune system, cause fatigue, depression and many, many more symptoms apart from that.

Looking at everything from the food we put in our mouths to the amount of work and exercise each day can have a profound effect. There is no miracle treatment to stop you being a stressy person or stop you getting stressed, however by taking small steps to adjust areas of your lifestyle you can make a difference. There are various treatments that compliment this approach very well, again giving you the space and time to yourself, which you may not otherwise allow yourself.

Depending upon personal preferences and even what you fancy at the time, the massage treatments below offer a whole new level of relaxation and stress relief. And donít worry about the session coming to an end, (it has happened before) you can always come back! The aromatherapy massage has oils for everything and the Indian Head massage is particularly good at tackling tension in the neck and scalp. Reflexology is good at tackling the niggling little ailments that can be caused by stress and pinpointing exactly where the imbalances in your body lie!

If you want to go the full mile, let us do all the ground work for you and put a personal plan together. Exercise, diet, stretches, home care, oils, itís all in there, plus you get a bottle of essential oils uniquely blended to your requirements.

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