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Reiki is a form of hands on healing, with origins in India and the Far East. The practice dates back thousands of years, however many of the original techniques were lost over time; so the current term reiki was actually rediscovered and fashioned by Japanese scholar and monk, Dr Mikao Usui.

The term reiki is broken down as follows... Rei - (ray) meaning universal life energy, spiritual consciousness all knowing. Ki - (Lee) meaning breath, life force, vital radiant energy.

Energy is channeled into the body by placing hands, on or over specific areas of the body associated with the seven chakras; these also have their own colour association, (which we will go into at a later date). Reiki work can help to unblock and clear stagnant emotional and physical elements that can lead to illness and disease. The energy reopens the chakras and helps the body to rebalance and allow vital energy to flow more naturally. It has an enhancing effect on the immune system, cleansing and helps the body to heal itself.

Reiki treatments are done lying in a relaxed prone position, (without crossing limbs as this limits the recipients receiving potential) and fully clothed. The session generally lasts one hour. No matter your beliefs, reiki is an incredibly relaxing treatment to receive.

As with any type of treatment, holistic or otherwise, coming with an open mind and heart is going to get you the greatest benefits. Experience and outcomes are entirely individual and therefore, the best was to understand how it works, is to see the benefits for yourself over a course of treatments.

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