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Knee Pain

The knees are a commonly injured joint and unsurprisingly so as they support best part of our weight. They are subject to torsion, running, walking, kneeling and anything else we decide to do. If youíre a woman, constantly wearing high heels isnít going to do them many favours. There are many things that can go wrong with the knees including damaging the cruciate ligament behind the knee joint, arthritis, condramallasia patella, crepetis (usually occurs as we age and through over use). Even in our formative years conditions such a osgoodschlatters disease can be caused from overtraining when young. (Osgood Schlatters-the muscle develops quicker than the still growing bones of a young person, causing the tendon to pull away from the patella.

TTZ has helped many clients to deal with the pain of various knee conditions and to help manage the rehabilitation of the condition.

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