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Benefits of Massage for Insomnia

Most people have suffered insomnia at some point in their life. Be it caused by stress, too much on your mind, illness or pain. Whatever the cause, youíre far from alone. All the old remedies of eating a banana before you go to bed or a mug of hot milk or cocoa and avoiding cheese. They may all help and make us feel better that we have tried, but have you ever thought about trying a treatment.

Apart from the well known benefits of relaxation and stress relief that massage induces, the amount of clients that have given feedback saying that they have never slept so well is amazing! A true testimonial to the benefits of treating the body in a more natural way. Much better than popping sleeping pills!

All treatments below have massive benefits in tackling insomnia however, above all it gives you time and space to yourself to rest and rejuvenate your body. Very often itís the simplest of things!

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