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Arthritis Care

Benefits of Massage for arthritis

Arthritis is a common degenerative condition caused by wear and tear to the joints, predominantly of the weight bearing nature such as knees, hips, ankles and lumbar spine, but it can occur in any joint.

Usually the articular cartilage (the smooth surface within the structure of a joint) is affected, becoming more fibrous and roughened, eventually leading to erosion at the point at which the most pressure occurs. As the biproducts of this drop off they collect around the edges of the remaining polished area eventually leading to further roughening of the surface, the build up of calcifications and consequentially movement restriction of the joint.

Arthritis Care

Soft surrounding muscular tissues may become affected in later stages due to the chronic inflammation within the joint capsule caused by floating debris.

Pain may be increased through long periods of weight bearing (i.e standing) or inactivity. The joint may become swollen and hot, described by some as a burning sensation (when inflamed). This often leads to a reduction in physical exercise in an attempt to stop or reduce flare ups, however this only leads to muscle wastage as the strength and flexibility diminishes through lack of use. As the saying goes, use it or lose it!

Massage has been a long used method of managing the pain and symptoms associated with arthritis. It will help to tone the muscle reducing any excess tension caused by the pain. (YOU know the feeling when you tense up because youíre in pain!). It will help to break down adhesions and flush the system encouraging fresh blood to nourish the area. Various techniques will also help to free up the joint flexibility and gently encourage remobilisation.

In particular, sports massage is a useful treatment to work with when treating this condition, however aromatherapy has itís benefits in that the oils selected can help with reduction in pain, inflammation relaxation and in increasing a general feeling of well being.

Reflexology too is an effective relaxing treatment to help rebalance the body, however why not opt for the wellbeing solutions and let us put together a package for you. Includes exercise and stretching advise, nutritional guidance, essential oils you can use at home and self help tips. All this and a blend of essential oils concocted just for you to use at home.

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