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The Therapy Zone

Ever felt like just one of a number when you have been somewhere? Sarah at the Therapy Zone believes every one of us, as we are all individuals should be treated accordingly. The Therapy Zone is a business with a conscience; its philosophy is a commitment to customer care, value for money and a want to learn from it's customers from responses to treatments.

Today we still believe the same, but are so much more. The business has evolved very organically over the last four years from experiences with clients, learning from their experiences with treatments, (what has worked for them and what has not) and through my personal topics of interest. The treatment list has expanded and developed from fairly basic offerings to well rounded and thought out effective treatments with a bit of inspiration from pick ní mix!

No fibbing, no false claims, but constantly learning and evolving from your feedback!

Bringing balance back into your life

In today's stress filled and hectic lifestyle we are constantly striving to achieve well being for both body and mind. These stresses naturally affect our skin, body and emotions.

The Therapy Zone's aim is to bring back balance and create solutions to your problems through personalised treatments.

Meet The Team

About Sarah

Sarah Hardy

I opened the doors to The Therapy Zone for the very first time on 2nd May 2006. During a degree in Applied Sports Studies from 2004-2007, I undertook an additional qualification in Swedish body massage. This lead to an interest in taking body treatments further and I decided to pursue a sports massage qualification.

As a teenager I had suffered several knocks with my health and have taken so many pills at times I'm sure I rattled. As a result I was late going through the education system, though in hindsight it has given me many more positive experiences and more time to consider where I am going in life. On completing my degree and having the extra knowledge of how the body works; how it responds to various situations and in turn reflecting on my own experiences, it seemed to all fall into place.

Several more qualifications and years of experience under my belt and here I am! Having just moved after over 4 1/2 years at Eldon Leisure, to share premises with Hester, Cathy and Laurel at Centered Chiropractic I have a feeling it's going to be a good year!

So when I'm not at work, you'll probably find me pursuing one of my great loves in life... drawing and painting, dance, training or Iíll be out and about taking pictures of anything that stands still, (or not as the case may be!) Everyone needs a passion!

Sarah's Qualifications

Applied Sports Studies BA Hons
Northumbria University

Sports Massage
Newcastle College

Swedish Body Massage
Newcastle College

Indian Head Massage
Newcastle College

Reflexology and Zone Therapy
Newcastle College

Reflexology, Maternity Reflexology
Val Groome

Adanced Reflexology and Hand Treatments
Newcastle College

Cosmetic make up application with lash and brow treatments
Newcastle College

Thai Massage mini treatments
North Tyneside College

Newcastle College

Hot Stone Therapy
Newcastle College

About Rob

Rob is trained in Swedish massage and reiki, which compliments his regular yoga and meditation practices, he also holds a level three counselling qualification.

Rob enjoys travel and has lived in Pune, India, where he learnt more about the practice of meditation. Since returning, Rob has become a meditation facilitator and has found the five rhythms practice is particularly beneficial to his personal wellbeing. In his spare time Rob enjoys indie cinema, music and eating out.

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